About Us

Wind & Willows was created by Mia Fahey McCarthy and Sinéad Mannion.
Having met in the wilds of Connemara on the West Coast of Ireland at the age of ten, a strong friendship was fostered that has lasted over three decades and has culminated in the creation of Wind & Willows.
Growing up in a place of outstanding natural beauty both Mia and Sinéad have always had an appreciation of nature and their role as citizens of this planet, to protect it, in whatever way they can. 
With a long history in the world of sustainability with Mia holding the position of Head of Sustainability with Ireland's largest renewable energy company and Corporate Responsibility Manager with an Irish state energy company and Sinéad, a PhD student, studying plasma physics and a fervent Greenway instigator, both have an understanding of the climate crisis that is occurring and the need to offer sustainable products to consumers who want to ensure their purchases will not negatively impact the generations that follow. 
Mia and Sinéad have created Wind & Willows to offer sustainable and ethically sourced fashionable clothing for consumers who want to make a difference.